How to Choose a Kayak

A kayak allows you to reach scenic beachside campgrounds, quietly explore an estuary, enjoy breathtaking views that can’t be seen from shore, get in a morning workout around the lake or just play in the water with the kids.

Best Places to Hike in North America

If North America's snowcapped peaks, jagged cliffs, towering volcanoes and old-growth forests are calling your name, then there's no time like the present to grab your boots and hit the trails. Editors at U.S. News considered expert opinions, as well as traveler votes, to determine the best hiking destinations across the continent. Use this list to plan your next outdoor excursion, and cast your vote below to help decide next year's list.

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Best Places To Kayak Around America

With paddling season fast approaching (not that it ever really left some states this “winter”), we thought it’d be handy to have a one-stop shop post on information about the best places to kayak in the US. We browsed the web for a variety of resources, so whether you’re looking to take in some beautiful scenery, introduce the family to a leisurely paddle, or face new challenges as an more experienced kayaker, here’s your ultimate paddling destination bucket list.

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